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James A. Mahoney Sr. Home Movies

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James A. Mahoney Sr. Home Movies

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1930s and 1940s Philadelphia home movies of James A. Mahoney, Sr.

James A. Mahoney, Sr. (1903-1976) owned the Mahoney Beauty Shop for Shoes shoe repair shop on South Broad Street, Philadelphia.
The family attended St. Athanasius Catholic Church and school in the West Oak Lane neighborhood, and there are numerous scenes of school activities.
Other Mahoney family members included James's wife Dorothy and children: James Jr., Tom, Sue, and Paul.

The original films were shot on 16mm. This video file is derived from a VHS transfer. The collection was donated to the Center for Home Movies in 2012.


St. Athanasius Procession. (color)
Children playing. School procession. (BW)
School procession. (color)
Children playing in yard. Chimney Rock, North Carolina. Cliff Dweller’s Inn and Needle Eye. (color)
More Chimney Rock. Trayfoot Mountain (color)
Baby indoors. Father? (BW, dark)
Deteriorated. Swimming and Group Outing.
Party indoors. Dark. Shoe store signs. Women indoors. Procession down stairs (BW & color)
School procession. (BW)
School procession. (color)
Children outdoors. (color, dark, faded, deterioriation)
School procession. (color)
School time capsule ceremony.Children playing in snow. (color)
Indoors (very dark, damaged) Girls dancing starts
Parade. Toy train, kids outdoors, (BW)
Scouts. Outdoor camp religious service. (color)
Girls jumping rope, camp scenes. (color)
Procession. Faded (BW)
Procession. Very faded (color)
Procession. (color)
Wedding. Dark, damaged. (color)
Outdoors.Picnic. (color)
Kids eating ice cream. School procession. Flowers
Toy trains
“Family Album” (damaged)
“Good Night” (backwards title). Baby.
Building. Family outdoors.
“Jim’s first steps” (backwards title), Pipe, family, swimming
Member ACL title. Amateur Cinema League logo (damaged)
“Sunny Jim” 1931
Logan Circle, Mother & Jimmy
The Thinker
Baby & family scenes
Christmas tree
Boat and swimming (color, some damage) Family outside house
Procession of girls with American flags
Boys playing in sprinkler
Parade (4th of July)
Sack race
Scout camp religious service
Family outside house
Family outside (faded)
Boating on river
School event (BW, scratched)
Outside. Playing football. Pie eating contest. Sack race.
Men in cowboy outfits riding horses.
Mummer’s Parade
Kids in store window
Infant inside, outdoors in snow, Family indoors (BW, dark) (1930s)
Title: “The Scenery is Larchmont at Grand. Tom himself. Does Dot Own the Fish Bones?” (damaged)
Family at the beach. Boys playing with guns and car.
Rabbit outdoors. Family indoors (dark) Family outside house (street views)
Christmas. Children with toys.
Family on deck and in front yard (damaged)
Picnic and swimming
Kids washing car, cattle
Lake Huntington, 1939 vacation
Toy trains. (color, dark)
Chickens. Playing Monopoly. Family at farm. Country road (BW, some damage)
Parade. Children playing outside. Baseball. Country outing.
Title: “A Glorious Week End”
Children playing. Adults in party hats.
Baederwood Park, Abington Township. Playground. Picnic. Children on bicycles and tricycle.
Beach. Swimming in the ocean. Cookout.
Puppy. Family outside house. Party.
Family outdoors. Boys playing. Toy car Adults in swimsuits..(color, dark, damaged)
Family playing outdoors. Nativity scene. Children walking down street. (faded)
Christmas. Family outside. (BW, damaged)
Mummer’s Parade, WIPS float. (reversed)
Beach. Jersey Shore(?), playing in water (some damage)
Car. Family playing baseball. Sunset view sign. Swimming in lake. Family outside. Boys playing drums and cymbals. Christmas tree. Family outdoors (damaged)
Bridge. Man leading cow. “Marble exhibit” sign. Sign: “FN Brandon, 20 mi., Middlebury 17 mi.” Men on boat. Farm. Family outside.
Christmas morning, Birthday party. (color, dark)
Christmas morning, Toy train and drawbridge. (BW)

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